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Ben Butterworth

My criteria for renting a flat

Summary about me

I am a software engineer working at a fast growing startup. In my personal time, I play tennis, cycle with friends, volunteer, play board/ card games. I am friendly and like to learn new things.

Contact me at myEmail = "ben" + ""

Move in date

1st October 2021 (or a few days earlier).


  • 2 spacious bedrooms
  • Open kitchen or large kitchen with modern equipment (e.g. induction, good fridge)
  • Living room/ shared area
  • 🚌 Not on main road (e.g. no bus stops/ busy traffic)
  • 🌳 Maximum 20 minutes walk from large park (e.g. Hampstead Heath)
  • 🚴‍♂️ Space to store bicycle which is dry and secure. It can be either inside or outside of the flat (e.g. in shared garage area)
  • Internet: Fibre optic (100MB+)
  • If furnished, modern furniture (not worn out carpets, low quality curtains, beds, etc.)
  • Washer/ dryer


  • Garden/ outdoor area with plants/ grass
  • 1 additional spare room (Not important)
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