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· 4 min read

I work in a team that manages far more software libraries than there are people. I wanted to raise my concern about standardisation across projects/ libraries (e.g. readmes, tools, github workflow file naming conventions). For example, synchronizing all the projects to have:

· 6 min read

Read this if you want to know what mistakes I made, so you can decide for yourself if you want to make them too.

Someone told me earlier today to get a good job, you can't just apply (he meant, you need to network/ have existing connections). Then I thought, he's right: I've never gotten a job by applying, except the one at an Ice Rink. My first software job was when I was randomly called by a recruiter, and they pitched a job to me. I didn't even do Computer Science, and graduated from Engineering a few months before their call. I was spending my days, weeks and months coding, learning to become a software engineer! A few weeks later, I was a Backend Software Engineer at a really cool company. Don't worry, I didn't get fired, but I made some mistakes and this article helps me reflect on what I should do now & beyond.